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Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is here in Frisco, Texas! CIT, also known as Microneedling, is taking Frisco and the DFW Metroplex by storm. By using scientifically designed serums to address specific skin conditions or desired outcomes, we are able to assist an individual’s own collagen production to regenerate. This skin rejuvenation technique creates smoother, tighter, more even skin tone and texture. Areas with excellent treatment response include: face, around eyes, lower face, neck, and back of hands. By stimulating collagen, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, texture, and even scarring can be greatly reduced or even diminish completely over time. You will LOVE your skin again and it’s glowing youthful effects generated by this minimally invasive, minimal downtime treatment! Six treatments 4-6 weeks apart is the generally suggested treatment plan.

YouthfulFX uses the INNO Pen, manufactured here in the United States by Clinical Resolutions Laboratories, a medical device and pharmaceutical company in California. This U.S. based company along with Dr. Sutterfield pioneered the CIT treatment. Most microneedling devices in the DFW metroplex are from foreign manufacturers like China or Korea. YouthfulFX of Frisco’s CIT pen is home grown and homemade!

Serum: Specially formulated to activate collagen synthesis, activate neosynthesis of the extracellular matrix, activate cell proliferation, increase/retain skin hydration, and tighten, tone, and firm skin for a more vibrant and age defying presentation.

Mask: Calms, moisturizers, and rejuvenates the skin. Activated by skin temperature, special peptides are delivered into the skin to reduce redness and inflammation most experience after Collagen Induction Therapy.

$250 Face

$150 Neck

$250 Décolleté

$325 Face and Neck


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